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Every preorder is a huge help for a new book. Preorders count toward 1st week sales--any book's best chance at making a bestseller list. And I've got some exciting swag to thank you all for supporting A Place for Vanishing:

  • signed & personalized hardcover (for orders from One More Page Books) or signed & personalized bookplate (for other orders or library requests, including international)

  • bookmark with ouija charm

  • character art by Cat Scully

  • iridescent sticker by Emily Friend

Campaign runs until 1/22/24, through APFV's first week of sales, or as long as preorder swag lasts.

If you haven't preordered yet:

  • Support a local indie, One More Page Books, and get a signed/personalized hardcover, plus the preorder swag, which comes included!


For other orders (including international!), or if you're requesting APFV from your local library:

*Preorder swag is limited, so enter as soon as you can!*

APFV Preorder Campaign, Twitter.png


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